Why Use JDR for Talent Searching?

At the core of every company is a group of talented professionals— not products, brands or balance sheets. Ingenious people make the difference between marginal success and extreme success in a business.

Getting the best talent begins with selecting a highly effective external recruiting partner to attract individuals driven to succeed. JDR has 30 years’ experience working very closely with our clients to execute a search strategy for locating top candidates specifically tailored to each client’s specific need. We thoroughly screen each candidate identified, based on the requirement and culture of the client. Throughout the interview, offer and acceptance, JDR facilitates the process for success by handling details such as negotiations, counter offers, benefits, relocations and we work as an advocate for our clients and candidates. Communication is the key to any relationship; JDR keeps the lines of communication open during the hiring process and after the process is complete.

We tailor our services to accommodate a wide variety of requirements including permanent/direct hires, ad-hoc consultants, full project implementation teams and contract to hire resources.

Contingency Search

JDR’s Contingency Search is a service in which our client has the advantage of not paying a fee until we fill the position. During this process, our client defines the skills needed for the open position and discusses these requirements with JDR. The fee charged to the client is based on the annual compensation of the candidate hired. If JDR is unable to provide the right candidate for the job, the client pays nothing. These searches can be conducted on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, with a fee reduction for those clients with exclusive agreements.

Retained Search

JDR’s Retained Search is an exclusive partnership with your company for highly confidential and important executive positions. We work very closely with your Human Resource partner and hiring teams. We provide our clients with a team of recruiters to work on filling these most urgent and sensitive positions. Although we may already know some candidates before the search begins, we still conduct an extensive search to make sure the very best people are selected from the talent pool.

Consultant and Contract Resources

JDR provides short-term and long-term consultants either full time or ad-hoc for projects, allowing for resources to be brought in which do not add to staff headcount. All of JDR’s consultants are provided with a comprehensive insurance and benefit package and are paid competitive market rates ensuring their commitment to the success of each of our clients assignments. We keep in close contact to ensure you have productive results for your projects.


JDR’s Contract-for-Hire services provide a trial basis option before a permanent offer is made; this is typically a six month or twelve month assignment with no fee upon hire. With this service, we provide our full candidate search and the selected individual becomes a JDR contractor paid at a rate comparable to anticipated hire-on salary plus full insurance and benefits. We keep close contact with our clients and contractors to ensure both sides are pleased. After the contract period, it is the client’s decision whether or not to hire the candidate as a full-time employee, or just extend the contract, if preferred.

We offer “no fee” hires after three, six, nine or twelve months, as well as early buy-out clauses and/or reduced conversion fee options. Oftentimes, Contract-for-Hire Services are used during periods of budget constraints so that companies can bring in another worker without having to add headcount. Therefore, companies can screen and only hire the most productive employees that are already integrated into their business.