Direct Hire Staffing

JDResources provides complete Direct Hire Placement services to our clients. We work to ensure that the best possible talent is found for your job openings and we use all avenues to recruit the most qualified candidates available. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive contingency candidate searches that can be conducted on a local and national basis. When you need an employee, we are equipped to be your full staffing partner.

At the core of every company is a group of talented professionals; not products, brands or balance sheets. Ingenious people make the difference between marginal success and extreme success within an organization. Getting the best from your staff begins with a well-crafted recruiting strategy to attract individuals driven to succeed. We work very closely with our clients to plan a search strategy for locating top candidates specifically tailored to the client’s need. We thoroughly screen each candidate identified, based on the needs and culture of the client, before presenting them. Throughout the interview, offer and acceptance, JDR is there to facilitate the process, handle all the details and work as an advocate for our client. Communication is the key to any relationship and JDR keeps the lines of communication open during the hiring process and after the process is complete.

Contingency Search

JDR’s Contingency Search is a service in which our client has the advantage of not paying a fee until we fill the position. During this process, our client defines the skills needed for the open position and discusses these requirements with JDR. The fee charged to the client is based on the annual compensation of the candidate hired. If JDR is unable to provide the right candidate for the job, the client simply pays nothing. These searches can be conducted on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, with a fee reduction for those clients with exclusive agreements.

Retained Search

When JDR enters into a Retained Search relationship, we create an equal partnership with your company. We work very closely with the internal hiring officials and all searches are confidential. We provide our clients with a team of recruiters to work on filling their most urgent and sensitive positions. Although we may already know some candidatesbefore the search begins, we still conduct an extensive search to make sure the very best people are selected from the talent pool.

Executive Search

Successful companies consist of leaders who can navigate the business landscape and produce a string of victories. These professionals establish real, ambitious objectives and then achieve them. Finding and securing the person who can do both is not easy. JDR is extremely successful in Executive Searches and our services are powered by an energetic and highly skilled group of recruiters who have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Whether your leadership needs are local or national – JDResources delivers. Our team is comprised of individuals who attract and place professionals in roles which include: CEO, President, CIO, CTO, CFO, Sr. Vice President, Director, Manager and other high-level or strategic positions.