Outplacement Services

For those companies who wish to offer their employees comprehensive severance packages, JDR provides Outplacement Services to both C-suite executives, Managers and front line employees impacted by workforce reductions. Our personalized approach provides external, practical support during this emotional time. At JDR, we believe that tailoring and customizing solutions to meet the needs of both our clients and candidates is of the utmost importance, and this is what sets us apart from traditional outplacement firms. In addition to continuous professional support, we offer programs that prepare displaced workers for alternate employment, career changes or even early retirement. We firmly believe that focusing on the unique needs of each individual and shifting their focus toward a constructive mindset is more important than providing a turnkey option. These values, combined with a keen understanding of the business realities underlying restructuring decisions, and the desire to enable successful transitions, ensures that we deliver services which are:

  • Tailored to organizational needs
  • Affordable, comprehensive and valuable
  • Customized to the outplaced individual and designed to deliver exceptional results

Led on-site, remotely, or at our office, our one to three day workshops will cover a wide range of topics that can be tailored to address the most critical areas for transitioning employees.

  1. Dealing with Job Loss and Applying for Unemployment Benefits
  2. Career Assessment
  3. Personal Branding (Resume, Cover letter, Self-Marketing Plan)
  4. Developing a Social Media Presence (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)
  5. Networking and Applying for Jobs
  6. Interview Preparation and Follow up
  7. Negotiating an Offer
  8. Transitioning into a new role

At the C-Suite level, our Outplacement Program offers comprehensive content and one-on-one unlimited coaching.

We continue working with our clients even if they land a job quickly, decide to make another career move, or require assistance handling a political situation in a new job. We provide what transitioning professionals need most – compassion, career strategies, job search guidance and optimism. We do not rush our clients out the door!

For more information on Outplacement Services, including packages and pricing, contact Ada Gresko, Director of Professional Services.